Our Extraordinary Caregivers

A Passion for Providing Care

Comforting Arms is devoted to providing the most professional, reliable, and friendly caregivers in the industry. Our caregivers provide assistance with such activities as errands, transportation to doctors, medication reminders, housekeeping, laundry, grooming, dressing, bath safety monitoring, and more. All services and schedules are tailored to the needs of the client, and our caregivers are available for hourly, daily, weekly, overnight, 24-hour or live-in assignments. 

Our wonderful aides truly have a passion for providing care – and they are OUR employees, thoroughly interviewed, screened and background-checked (state and national), trained and oriented, bonded and insured. We have rigorous hiring practices in which all applicants go through tests and screenings focusing on skills, experience, attitudes, and placement into homes. Most importantly, each and every one of our caregivers must be dependable, warm, and caring.  Many of our staff members have extensive experience caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.  

Our Mission

Our mission at Comforting Arms is for our clients and families to fall in love with the future. When we meet prospective clients, they feel like life has passed them by and think life does not have much meaning anymore.

In every in-home consultation, we ask the question, “What are you known for being good at; What are you famous for?” So many times, they will answer with “nothing.” However, once we start probing, especially with the family members, the prospective client realizes they had a good, rich life.

Phil Graiser

What Others Have To Say

“Comforting Arms is a great company and they run it with a lot of integrity. The staff is very caring and encouraging. When I do a good job, they always recognize and appreciate me. The training is complete. The staff is always available if you have questions or need any further training.”
“At Comforting Arms, it’s very rewarding to help people. When you get home, you feel like you’ve done something. They stay on top of things and don’t train a lot of people at once so it’s not hard to answer questions. When they talk to you, they thank you and are always reaffirming. Comforting Arms says they have the perfect person for you and they’re spot on.”